Ochocinco headbutts Evelyn

Chad Ochocinco,estranged husband of Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada, was arrested this weekend for domestic violence. The couple got into a fight after Evelyn found a receipt for condoms. As they argued Chad allegedly head butted Evelyn. She is said to have a cut approx 3 inches long on her forehead.

Chad is not only facing threats of divorce and has been dropped from the NFL team, the Dolphins, but the couple also cancelled their reality show said to air this September.

Personally, I’m disappointed to see this happen. But we all seen Chad’s overbearing ways on that episode of BBWs when he talked of having other women w/i his marriage, so I am confused on why Evelyn was so surprised when she found the condoms….But this in no way excuses him from physically or emotionally abusing a woman. Sad to hear this.


xoxo Shanacee

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2 thoughts on “Ochocinco headbutts Evelyn

  1. I feel like it was established early on the dynamics of their marriage and for that I don’t think that Evelyn should have been surprised, but geez they just got married he’s already seeking out other contenders? I feel like whatever they were arguing about thought, it is never necessary to get physical. Chad is now suffering in all aspects of his life from one foolish decision. Hopefully his downfall will send a message to society that despite what position you play in the world, whether it be a professional athlete, celebrity, or regular everyday person, we are all susceptible to the fact that one wrong move and can dramatically change your entire life. so BE SMART!

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